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- the integrated filter workstation for electrostatic detection (ESD) use
For many years, ESD has been considered a standard in document examination. During the evidence development process, ozone from the high voltage charging system and toner particulates are released into the air, especially when using the method of mixing glass beads and toner and spreading them over electrostatically charged developer film.

While this is still the optimal procedure for the development of indented writing, local health and safety regulations have changed over the years. Many larger laboratories already use exhaust cabinets and fume hoods to comply with these new regulations, however, smaller labs and many private document examiners do not have access to such systems. Attestor Forensics developed TORnado, the Toner Particulate and Ozone Reduction System especially for these types of users.

The TORnado system operates independently from any external ventilation hookups and the air recirculation system ensures that it does not negatively affect the surrounding air in the room.

The multi-stage filter system increases safety and reduces contamination concerns by removing harmful particulates from the air and your workspace.

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Benchtop or Height-Adjustable Stand

TORnado ... allowing standing or sitting ...

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Automatic Safety Features

TORnado has a microprocessor ...

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Multi-Stage Filter System

TORnado uses a combination of ...

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Interior Features

The interior of the TORnado has a bed ...

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Toner Bead Collection

When material like toner beads ...

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Additional Options

TORnado is delivered as a fully functional ...

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  • TORnado uses a multi-stage filter system. The steel mesh filter layer is meant solely for keeping toner beads out of the filter system. This does not need to be replaced with the other filter layers.

    The F9 fine particulate filter layer sits behind the mesh layer and should be replaced after 250 hours of active use, or at least once a year.

    Even when the system is not in use, the activated carbon filter will slowly become less effective over time as it reacts with ambient air. The system monitors when it should be replaced and notifies the user when this is necessary, but the filter should be replaced at least once a year.

  • While the system is designed to automatically begin operating when the ESD device is in use, users have control over some features of the system via the touch panel display. The system can be turned on to filter the air in the workspace even if the ESD is not in use. This may be helpful for users who want to have this running when they clean their ESD or the workspace interior, or when they need to transfer toner.

  • TORnado can be used with all common ESD developers that are applied with a brush, toner pad, or via cascade. TORnado has an F9 filter. This means that is can filter out 99% of particulates 3 µm or larger in size to keep the working area clean and safe.

  • TORnado was initially designed to be compatible with the ESD devices from a specific supplier. We have been asked to not use the name of this supplier on our website. Whether your ESD fits the system is largely dependent on the size. If you need to know if the equipment you currently have is compatible with TORnado, or if you would like to purchase a TORnado and need a recommendation on what ESD devices will work best with the system, please contact us.

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