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NINcha P31

- the mobile climate chamber for fingerprint development on porous and semi-porous surfaces using Ninhydrin, DFO and Indandione
NINcha is a series of climate chambers specially designed for developing fingerprints and similar marks on porous surfaces. Evidence with fingerprints is treated in the usual way by dipping or spray with developer like Ninhydrin, DFO or Indandione, and after an evaporation step, is developed in a climate chamber. This allows the evidence to be developed under the ideal temperature and humidity conditions for the best results.

Many laboratories attempt to do the development step in a cabinet or chamber designed for other uses. These, unfortunately, are not ideal for evidence development. Not only can they produce inferior results, less standardized methods threaten laboratory credibility, and use of improper equipment can contaminate evidence and even cause it to develop mold. NINcha was specially developed for forensic use, using the feedback of professionals working in the field. and is a hallmark of modern day forensic equipment standards for fingerprint development on porous surfaces. All NINcha series models are constructed with the same innovative details in mind, using future-proofed state-of-the-art production techniques.

The P31 model has specifically been designed as a portable suitcase sized version of our larger NINcha models, able to provide high quality results even outside the lab. When the evidence cannot come to the lab, the P31 brings the lab right to the evidence.

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Stainless Steel and Glass Interior

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • During the development process, dust can be created by evidence and settle on the interior surface of climate chambers.

    The stainless steel and glass interior of the chamber can be wiped with a damp microfiber cloth, or a mild water and soap solution. It can also be wiped or sprayed with an alcohol or peroxide solution for DNA decontamination.

  • The P31 interior has two evidence racks that are 45 x 37 cm. This is larger enough for one piece of evidence as large as an A3 size piece of paper or two A4 size sheets next to each other.

  • The cycle settings that can be used are largely the same as the larger NINcha models. It can develop evidence at lower humidity and temperature settings for longer periods of time (24-48 hours). It can also develop evidence in shorter periods of time with settings at 80°C and 60 – 70 % rH for NIN or 100°C und no humidity increase for quick development of IND. Settings can be customized to your needs for longer or shorter development times and different developers.

  • NINcha P31 is a very low maintenance system, like many of our other systems. Aside from regular cleaning and refilling the water reservoir the user just needs to empty out the wastewater. How often the reservoir will need to be refilled will depend on how often the NINcha is used and what parameters it uses during cycles. The system will indicate when it is time to refill the reservoir. This is easily done with the automatic reservoir filling system.

    The wastewater reservoir collects condensation and other moisture from the chamber during cycles. This looks like a small drawer and is located behind ther front access panel of the unit. It can easily be removed to dump out any accumulated water. The reservoir should be emptied and rinsed every few days to keep it clean.

    For quality assurance, we recommend that the unit be serviced regularly by an Attestor or Attestor certified partner.
    For customers who require documented annual servicing and calibration as part of their ISO 17025 accreditation, we offer service contracts for regular service. These can also include parts warranties if desired. More information on this can be found under Service & Maintenance

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