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- the light mounting system for LIGHTcubes
LIGHTrail is a mounting system for LIGHTcubes for laboratory setups.

The system consists of two rails mounted on either side of a camera mount. LIGHTcube modules can be clicked into place on the rail system and can then be connected to a power supply, or to a control system like CONTROLbox or LABview via the connections on the rail system.

Using the rail system, modules can be moved horizontally and their angle can be adjusted to get the best lighting conditions.

BASIC and PRO versions are available (see product details for further information).

Product Details

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BASIC and PRO Version

In the simple version ...

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LIGHTcube Setup

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Innovative Control Options

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • The number of modules is only limited by the setup they are mounted on. While it is possible to attach more, due to the position of camera mounting system relative to the module rails.
    We recommend that only 4 LIGHTcube modules be used on each side of the BASIC version rail system.

    For greater numbers of modules, we recommend the PRO version, which has an extended rail system designed for a greater number of modules.

  • The system is delivered with cables for 110-230V, 50/60 Hz. These are used to connect the CONTROLbox system to a power source such as a wall outlet mains power supply

    When connected with EVIscreen or PHOTOvent, this cable can be run through a cable management chain for a safer and more practical setup.

  • The modules are designed for forensic lighting and may be more intense than needed for general photography purposes that require large areas of diffuse lighting.

    The PRO system allows for more modules and more even lighting as a result, but you may wish to also purchase a commercially available diffuse photography light source.

    You will need additional lighting equipment for transmitted light photography.

  • LIGHTrail is designed with connections for a variety of commercially available laboratory stands, as well as our LABview system. If you wish to mount a rail system on a tripod system you already have, contact us and we will be happy to check into compatibility options for you.

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