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LIGHTcube -

- the modular forensic light source

LIGHTcube forensic light sources are modular. They can be scaled and combined in many different ways and are compatible with a number of other systems. This system was specifically designed for forensic needs and can be used both in the lab and in the field.

Every module has a particular color of light. Each light can be adjusted manually via the control pad on the back of each module, allowing users to change the light angle and intensity of the light. Multiple modules can be attached to a single handle system and be used at once if desired. The quick connection system on every module makes it easy to quickly and securely attach new modules to a handle system. The handle system itself can be operated with a corded battery pack, or with a battery attached to the handle for a cordless setup. Our handle system can also connect via power cord to an outlet for benchtop use.

LIGHTcubes are designed to be easy to clean and DNA safe, so they are designed without cooling fans and vents that could blow evidence and displace it, or suck in debris that could later contaminate other evidence.

Modules can be ordered individually or as customizable kits. Thanks to their compatibility options, more modules and accessories can always be ordered later.

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Modular and Scalable

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Multiple Colors and Combinations

LIGHTcube is a multispectral ...

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Color-Coded Camera Filters and Safety Goggles

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DNA Safety

Easy to clean and DNA safe ...

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Additional Accessories

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Custom or Pre-Made Kit Options

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Because different LIGHTcube module colors use different amounts of power, each typ of module will have a different amount of time that it can run for before the battery needs to be recharged. The amount of time will also vary, depending on the light intensity setting used. For example, an IR light set on the highest intensity setting will run for around 80 minutes, while a cyan light on a lower intensity setting can run for 2 hours. Some modules can run for over 8 hours on the lowest intensity setting. All LIGHTcube kits are delivered with two rechargeable 2Ah batteries, so an empty battery can easily be swapped out with a new full one on the fly. Batteries can be recharged with the charging pack in 20 minutes.

  • These modules are capable of emitting very intense light. Dazzling effects, as well as thermal and photochemical effects need to be considered regarding risk classification. Modules are assigned to different classes according to DIN EN 62471 defending on their wavelength (color). The white, red and orange modules are in class 1, while the other modules are in class 2. We err on the side of caution, so some modules that could technically be considered a lower risk class have been placed in a higher one for safety.

    Since goggles are generally needed to view evidence, we have specifically mentioned in our documentation that modules in class 2 require SAFETY goggles, not just viewing goggles.

  • One module alone can emit very intense light. Each module has 5 basic intensity levels that can be adjusted using the panel on the back of each module. In addition, each module is also capable of using a Turbo mode. This Turbo mode drastically increases the light intensity for a full minute before returning to the highest basic level of intensity to prevent overheating. As long as the module is in safe operating temperature range, Turbo mode can be turned on again. If the module become too hot, it will not allow Turbo mode to be used until it has cooled to safer operation levels.

    In addition to using a single module to adjust intensity, multiple LIGHTcube modules of the same color can be used together for an even more intense light, thanks to their practical scalable design.

  • LIGHTcubes Modules with different beam angles are labeled differently.

    For instance, you might see a RBF447 and RBM447. While these both emit 447nm royal blue light, the RBM module emits a medium angle and the RBF emits a narrow angle. These differences may be hard to see with the naked eye, but the M version will have a less radical intensity change from the center of the beam to the edge, making it better for photography purposes and better for use with equipment like LABview.

    For general search purposes, we recommend using the narrow angle F versions.

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