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- the modular evidence screening workstation
EVIscreen is a modular and customizable system for camera-based evidence screening workstations used to examine and document evidence.

While it can be used with standard camera and video systems, EVIscreen is specially designed to work well with our laboratory evidence examination and documentation system, LABview, which provides photo and video options, as well as lighting control options.

Product Details

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Camera Column Options

The base of every ...

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Table Mounted Camera Column Options

... a shortened and motorized camera column ...

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Workbench Options

EVIscreen can come with our without a workbench ...

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Optional Filter System

EVIscreen can be delivered with our without a filter system ...

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Additional Options

As with PHOTOvent ...

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Custom Configuration

EVIscreen is designed to be customized ...

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • EVIscreen workbench and work surface options are highly customizable with a number of size, material, height adjustment, and filter options.

    The standard EVIscreen unit has a high quality stainless steel work surface that is durable and easy to clean, which can easily hold up to a great deal of use and frequent DNA disinfection with corrosive cleaning solutions like peroxide. If desired, we also offer alternative materials, such as our ferromagnetic and plastic coated surface options.

  • The EVIscreen column also is available with several different column options. The simplest version is the wall-mounted camera column. This is mainly intended for when evidence tables are mobile and a mobile camera system is not needed. Alternatively, the column can be attached to a stand or workstation, which can be mobile or stationary, able to be set up anywhere that space allows.

    For buildings with unstable floors that cannot provide an even or low vibration surface, we recommend the wall-mounted version.

  • EVIscreen is like PHOTOvent, compatible with a number of different camera systems.

    While it has standard connections for cameras already on the market from other suppliers, it also has a screw connection specially designed for systems like LABview. EVIscreen can be used both with cameras that require a fixed position or height, or cameras that can be freely moved using an articulated camera arm to view larger pieces of evidence.

  • EVIscreen mainly acts as a mounting base for other forensic equipment, including equipment from other suppliers. Your ideal lighting system will depend on your needs and the other equipment you are using.

    LIGHTcube, our own light source system, compatible with the LIGHTrail system, offers an expansive selection of lighting and customization options with a wide variety of forensic applications, including searching for fingerprints, looking for bone fragments, hair, fibers, and body fluids, as well as other trace evidence.

    If a very large area of a work surface needs to be evenly illuminated, we recommend using a commercially available diffuse light intended specifically for photography. Transmitted light applications will also require other specialty lighting equipment.

    Our equipment advisors can help advise you on what equipment will best suit your needs.

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