Besides the usage of user created and maintained databases for crime scene and suspect records, SICAR uses reference databases, where information and full image documentation on new shoes and tyres are kept. Such reference databases can naturally be created and maintained also by the user but Foster + Freeman offer with SoleMate and TreadMate two continuously updated systems. Updates of the annual subscription arrive on quarterly DVDs.
SoleMate is a reference database, currently holding more than 12,500 records of sports, work and casual shoes. Each record contains pictorial of the shoe together with the manufacturer, model and date of introduction. Often the same sole pattern will have been used by a manufacturer for a range of shoes or even by other manufacturers. In such cases search results will contain details of all known shoes from all known manufacturers.


The reference database can also be used independently from SICAR as read-only using a viewer programme.

Online Version
Foster + Freeman also offers the option of searching your unknown record to manufacturer info within SoleMate via a online service, against payment per search.
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