Foster + Freeman’s SICAR (shoeprint capture and retrieval) is a comprehensive casework management system, providing a means of recording, comparing and organising shoe prints and tyre marks e.g. from crime scenes with the shoes and vehicle tyres of a suspect.

The process enables the operator to create a coded description of the pattern of a shoe sole or tyre tread by identifying elemental pattern features such as lines, waves, zigzags, circles, diamonds and blocks etc each of which bears a unique code. This is a straightforward selection process, as each type of elemental pattern is displayed, with variants, for the operator to choose from.

The coded information is held in various databses and can assist in gaining information about:

  - manufacturer information via match to the reference
  - link to a person or group via match to the suspect
  - link to another crime or crime scene via match to the
    scene database

But SICAR is more than just a coding and database system. It offers the full functionality of a crime management system with documentation of various information on crime scene and suspects.

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- fast coding and archiving of shoe prints from crime
  scenes or suspects
- comparison of shoe prints from crime scenes or
- also suitable for tyre marks
- reference databases with manufacturer information


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