Crime-lite® XL

Crime-lite® XL is a new series of LED light sources with ultra high power. With 96 high intensity LEDs, the new Crime-lite® XL offers up to 40.000 mW of narrow bandwidth illumination, capable of revealing the minutest traces of evidence.

Unlike many other light sources, the Crime-lite® XL has been engineered to provide narrow angle and shaddow free light beams without "hotspots" that will enhance the crime scene investigator's ability to detect evidence.

An important feature of the new Crime-lite® XL range is the provision of optional, clip-on, "trimming filters" thet further reduce output bandwidths to 10 nm.
These enhance the visibility of evidence by reducing or eliminating interference from background fluorescence.

- up to 40.000 mW of radiant optical power
- even, shaddow-free illumination
- forced air cooled
- available in blue, blue-green, green and orange
- optional trimming filters to reduce background fluorescence

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