Crime-lites® 82

Crime-lites® 82 are high-intensity forensic light sources for locating evidence at the scene of a crime, using state of the art LED array technology. Each lamp features 16 LED arrays with 5W each (Crime-lites™ 80 violet 4x 19,5W) achieving a total rating of 80W. Via a rechargeable battery pack, especially trimmed for the use with light sources, easy to carry in a pouch on a shoulder strap and capable of running a Crime-lites® 82 for approx. one hour, this light sources offer exceptional radiant output.

Alternatively a Crime-lites® 82 can be powered by an optional mains adapter. A rubber collar arround the lamp head protect the anyway shock resistant lamp against mechanical impacts.

- 80W LED array lamps
- available in violet, blue, blue-green, green and white
- no risk for DNA by avoiding UV light and IR (heat)
- narrow bandwidth for high contrast
- intense light output with little thermal emission

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Crime-lites 82Crime-lites 82

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