Crime-lite® 2

The Crime-lite®2 range of LED forensic light sources are suitable for laboratory and crime scene investigations. Providing intense, even and shadow free illumination for locating evidence, the range includes a white light model for general search and seven narrow band wavelengths in UV, violet, blue, blue-green, green, orange, and fluorescence or colour contrast.

Each Lamp comes with specially trimmed NiMH batteries which can run a Crime-lites® between 2 and 4 hours (depending on the model). Alternatively a Crime-lite® can also be powered by an optionally available mains adaptor or by standard D cells.

When working with the narrow band Crime-lites® the user is required to wear viewing goggles in order to protect the eyes as well as to enhance the contrast between evidence and background.

  • available in UV, violet, blue, blue-green, green, white, orange and red
  • narrow bandwidth for high contrast
  • low battery indicator
  • shock and splash proof
  • available individually or as cased sets

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