Crime-lites® ML

Crime-lite® ML is a telescope arm magnifier lamp with Crime-lite® technology. It combines the versatility of multi-wavelength, high intensity magnification, to provide an effective bench top examination tool for the forensic scientist. Crime-lite® is particulary effective for the detection of body fluids.

Illumination includes an 8 x 5W array of high intensity white light LEDs with variable intensity control, for general examinations and a choice of a 16 x 5W array of either blue, blue-green or green illumination with corresponding removable filter, for the examination of fluorescent evidence such as fibres, body fluids and stained latent fingerprints. There is also the option to extend the instruments sensitivity by fitting an array of violet LEDs.

- high intensity white LED illumination with variable intensity
- large bi-ocular magnifying lens
- optional air filter system
- fan colled
- LED illumination in blue, blue-green or green selectable
- optional violet illumination

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Crime-lite ML

Crime-lite ML

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