Crime-lites® 8x4

Crime-lite® ring light 8x4 provides high intensity uniform illumination for forensic photography, using LED array technology. It has been designed for scene of crime use the same way as for laboratory applications. The Crime-lite® 8x4 provides powerful narrow band illumination at 405, 445, 470, 500, 535, 590 und 625 nm for fluorescence photography and a choice of 10 different white band emmissions with colour temperatures from 3000°K to 10.000°K.

The seven different narrow bandwidth LED arrays can be selected individually or in multiple combinations to create 98 different colours plus 10 different white emmissions.

Filters, that are required for photography simply slide into the Crime-lite® 8x4 housing and no not require to remove the camera for a filter change.

- narrow band illumination at 405, 445, 470, 500, 535, 590 und 625 nm
- white broadband illumination at 400 - 700nm
- can be mounted to a laboratory copy stand or a crime scene tripod
- easy change of filters by simple slide in filter system
- LED array lifetime > 50,000 hours

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Crime-lite 4x4
Crime-lite 4x4

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