Crime-lite® ASV

Crime-lite®ASVis a viewing enclosure, especially designed or examining and photographing of fingerprint evidence that has been treated with anti-stokes fingerprint powders.
The anti-stokes effect  - aka upwards conversion - is the reverse effect of the emission of higher wavelength light uppon exposure to excitation light, known from fluorescence examination. Here the light emission occurs in a lower wavelength (visible) than the excitation (IR).  

The use of fingerprint powders with anti-stokes pigments is fairly new to the forensic practice. A special, mainly magnetic fingerprint powder is used and applied the same way as conventional powders.

The IR light, used for the excitation is not visible for the human eye and thus does not create any reflection or fluorescence on the background. The fingerprint, caused to emit light in the visible range is therefore to be seen more clearly, especially with colourfull, shiny or fluorescing exhibits.

Within the Crime-lite® ASV two lasers with 6W each and a wavelength of 976nm are used. In addition the system features two white LED, providing visible illumination for exact positioning of the evidence.

Evidence is placed inside the ASV and the front flap is closed. the lasers switch on automatically. The result can be viewed or photographed via a glass viewing screen on the top of ASV. A special mechanism allows to move and position the evidence while the front flap remains closed.

Crime-lites 82

Crime-lites 82


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