Russell Comporator

Russell Comparator enables scene of crime fingerprint lifts to be compared with fingerprint records at high magnification without the need for photographic enlargements.

The instrument contains two independent optical systems to project magnified images of a latent print and control onto screens for comparative examination. Matching minutia may be marked-up on the instrument’s screen.

The maximum size of a sample to be projected is 35 x 35 mm which at the given magnification of x5 results in a display of 17,5 x 17,5 cm.

- two independent projection systems
- independent focusing controls
- independent brightness controls
- maximum sample size 35 x 35 mm

The images are magnified x5 and viewed at a normal reading distance, reducing eye strain and allowing examinations by more than one person. An integral light shield minimizes ambient reflections.

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Russell Comporator

Russell Comporator
Russell Comporator

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