DCS4 is the latest generation of Foster + Freeman's fingerprint imaging system.

The new version, which will be available from May, will be supplied with a fully integrated forensic audit trail that will record all activities relating to a processed image including the method used to acquire the image, details of the enhancements carried out and a record of the images saved and printed. The facility will ensure that any processed image presented as evidence has a fully documented and reproducible history. This unique, fully documented system of inage enhancement will add credibility to fingerprint evidence presented at court. DCS4 will feature the following:

Ab DCS4 wird das System über folgende Eigenschaften verfügen:

- toolbox operated image processing
- forensic audit trail
- image archive function
- tamperproof image verification software
- Nikon D2Xs or Fuji S2Pro camera
- Carl Zeiss lens
- 24“ Wide Screen Monitor with 1920 x 1200 pixels
- calibrated scale printing via dye sublimation printer


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