SUPERfume is a compact and mobile cyanoacrylate fuming system for crime scene use. With this equipment complete rooms up to 100 m3 can be fumed to develop latent fingerprints. Labour intensive and evidence risking dismantling and transportation of bulky items to the laboratory are not required anymore.

The system consists of various components that are easy to transport including two cyanoacrylate heaters-mixer units with fans a humidifier as well as an activated carbon filter system. The humidifier raises the room humidity to 80% RH in approx. 30 minutes – depending on the room size and layout.
The actual fuming process takes further 30 minutes – or as long as the operator decides to fume in manual mode.

Straight after the fuming process an air cleansing cycle starts automatically or manually controlled from outside the room.

The system can easily be stored in three transport bags and can be used in residential rooms, offices or garages or in a specially designed fuming tent.

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- humidifier unit
- two cyanoacrylate heater-mixer units
- high performance activated carbon filter
- humidity meter
- control unit, distribution box and cables included
- inclusive spare filter and consumables


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