MVC 1000/D2

MVC 1000/D2 is the smallest of Foster + Freeman's MVC range of fuming cabinets. The unit is designed for desktop use and offers all features of the larger models MVC3000/D and MVC5000/D. The purge cycle to clean out remeining cynoacrylate fume from the inside air requires though only 10 minutes and a full development cycle can therefore be performed within 15-30 minutes.
In automatic mode the fuming time can be pre-programmed between 3 and 99 minutes. At the end of a development cycle, the interior air is cleanded by a fan-asissted activated carbon filter. Replacement of the filter is only due after 150 treatment cycles.   

  • NEW: now with LED interior illumination
  • inner dimmensions 70x55x57 cm (H x W x D)
  • integrated air cleansing system
  • robust design
  • cleaning cyle only 10 minutes
  • large glass panels for good evidence visibility
  • mini cleaning cycles against out-gassing
  • programmable fuming cycles from 3 to 99 min


DNA Decontamination Unit

MVC 1000/D2 is prepared for the connection of a shortwave UV unit to radiate the inner surfaces. This cuts DNA chains being transferred into the cabinet by evidence and prevents cross-contamination.

The anti-germ 55W UV-C lamp, available as an optional accessory is powered by an internal connector and can - for user safety - only be switched on when the door is locked. The UV-absorbant glass screens protect the user from the radiation present in the cabinet interior. 

NEW: Special Edition MVC1000/XL

With the XL edition, Foster + Freeman offers a redesign of the popular MVC1000 bench-top fingerprint fuming cabinet. The new MVC1000/XL provides an additional 90ltrs‚Äącapacity and is tall enough to accommodate rifles, hunting firearms and other objects of up to 1245mm in length.


MVC1000/D2 Detail


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