MVC 1000

MVC1000 is the newest and smallest of Foster + Freeman’s MVC fuming cabinets. This new model offers all features of the big cabinets MVC 3000 and MVC 5000 but requires only a minimum of 30 minutes for a complete treatment cycle due to a short cleansing time of only 10 minutes.

The MVC 1000 offers manual and automatic operation. The fuming process can be pre-programmed by the user between 3 and 99 minutes.
After the fuming process the air inside the cabinet is automatically cleaned via fan forced activated carbon filters, which needs replacement only after 150 fuming cycles.

Accessoriy - DNA Decontamination Unit

The MVC 1000 can be equipped with an internal UV unit to expose the cabinet’s interior and any items inside to shortwave UV radiation. This will destroy DNA material and avoids accidental cross-contamination.

The 55W UV-C germicidal lamp is available as optional accessory and simply plugs into an internal power supply. For user safety it can be only activated when the door is closed. The user is protected from the shortwave UV radiation by UV absorbing glass screens.

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MVC 1000

- internal dimensions 70 x 54 x 54 cm (HxWxD)
- internal fume cleaning
- durable construction
- big glass screens for good visibility
- integrated water tank
- fume cleansing in only 10 minutes
- quick cleansing cycle during stand-by
  against outgasing
- user programmable fuming time between 3 and
  99 minutes 

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