MVC/D cyanoacrylate fuming cabinets

The fuming cabinets of the series MVC are automated System for the cyanoacrylate (superglue) development of latent fingerprints on non-porous surfaces.

NEW: Polycyano – fluorescence of Cyanoacrylate in a one step process

Developed by the Japanese National Police Agency, Hyogo Prefectural Police and Sky Science Co. and exclusive to Foster + Freeman outside of Japan, the use of PolyCyano dye dramatically reduces fingerprint processing times by combining cyanoacrylate fuming with the PolyCyano staining process in a one-stage process carried out inside the cabinet. Once evidence has been treated in the modified MVC cabinet it is ready for examination. Under high powered long wave UV illumination using a light source such as the Crime-lite 82S UV or the Crime-lite 2 UV the PolyCyano stained fingerprints can be seen to fluoresce in the yellow and green.

All Foster + Freeman MVC/D cyanoacrylate (superglue) fuming chambers have been re-designed to provide the operator with increased functionality and to accommodate the exclusive one-stage process of PolyCyano staining.

A defined fan assisted air circulation inside the cabinet assures homogenous development with the cabinet fully or partially filled. There is no need to divide the cabinet depending on the amount of evidence.

Automatic or manual operation 
The user can control the entire fuming process whether manually or via an automatic cycle, that can be defined in ffuming time and otehr parameters via the settings menu. All steps of the development process are then run as an automatic sequence. If required, the user can interrupt the process at any time.

Integrated Air Filter
Using modern activated carbon filters, MVC cabinets do not need external air extraction and achieve an outstanding air cleansing quality of < 0,3 ppm of remaining cyanoacrylate fume concentration after an automated cleansing cycle.

Robust and easy to clean design
A robust design using toughened glass and anodised aluminium ensures durability and easy cleaning. The big, all around glass screens allow for good observation of the development process and make internal illumination - that not only requires cleaning but also negatively influence a homogenous development process by developing temperature – unnecessary.

MVC Bedampfungsschränke

- integrated air cleansing system
- robust design
- large glass creens for superior evidence visibility
- pre-programmable fuming cycles
- mini-cleaning in standby mode against out-gassing
-  easy to clean

PolyCyano Spur
PolyCyano fumed evidence under visible light (left image) and under 365nm UV light (right image)

NEW special edition MVC1000/XL

New XL version

Technical Data
MVC5000/D MVC3000/D MVC1000/D
Exterior: 224x152x90 cm 155x86x90 cm 76x60x60 cm
Interior: 210x141x63 cm 125x80x63 cm 70x54x54 cm
Inner Volume: 1,87 m³ 0,63 m³ 0,2 m³
Air Cleaning Cycle: ca. 40 min ca. 20 min ca. 10 min
Filter Life Time: 80 cycles 100 cycles 150 cycles

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