VSC® 4i

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VSC4i has been developed by Foster + Freeman for users, who want to inspect standard security features but already need the possibility to record images via a camera and require basic IR examination.

Based on the VSC 4 Plus, the VSC4i will be available with several specifications, designed to offer price advantages where applications do not require the full facilities of the current VSC4Plus.

- verification of UV fluorescent fibres and prints
- examination of paper fluorescence
- checking watermarks and metallic strips
- examination of embossed stamps and intaglio printing
- inspection of retro-reflective features
- Checking holograms and other DOVD'S (defractive
  optically variable devices)

Basic System
The basic VSC4i provides facilities for examining variations in the infared absorption of inks, UV-A (365 nm) activated fluorescent features, OVDs, retro-reflective images, watermarks and surface features such as embossed stamps and intaglio printing as well as general examinations under white light.

All images are displayed in colour with a magnification of x3 to x46 (on a 19" monitor) and can be printed directly on a video printer avoiding the need of a PC.

Optionale Features
Additional light sources may be added for the examination of specialist security features, including transmitted UV-A (365 nm), incident UV B (313 nm), incident UV-C (254 nm) and near infared for checking anti-Stokes features. The VSC4i can be used as a stand-alone system, operated from simple fascia controls, or through a PC which provides a number of additional facilities including image archiving, on-screen comparison of live and stored images, an OCR for viewing information within machine readable zones (MRZ) and deciphers for reading invisible personnel information (IPI) on passports and identity cards.

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