Featuring five lightsources already in the basic version and two optional light sources, Foster + Freeman's eye-D is a complete and compact system for rapid checking and verification of security documents.

Featuring a compact, lightweight design and a padded carrying bag that unfolds to provide light shielding, the eye-D is easily carried for use in any location. It can be operated using either standard AC mains power or a 12V DC source such as a vehicle cigarette lighter. The padded carrying bag can be used to shield against ambient light and carries all necessary accessory.

The basic edition features:

- white incident light for general examination of printing
  method and quality, photo substitution etc.
- white transmitted light for examination of watermarks,
  security threads, see-through-registers and even
  mechanical irregularities
- white side light for dry stamps, intaglio printing and
  mechanical damage
- white coaxial light for retro-reflective security foils
- longwave, incident UV light for fluorescent fibres and
  printed UV security features
- integrated glass magnifier lens x2

Depending on its field of use, eye-D can be extended with the following
optional extras:

- longwave transmitted UV light
- high intensive transmitted spot light
- magnifier x10

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