Document-Checker Identity

With Document Checker Identity Documents we provide all the information you need to conduct a quick yet thorough inspection of more than 1,50 passports, driving licences and ID cards fro over 180 countries.

The database contains descriptions and images of the cover and biographical data page of each ID document. And images and descriptions of the most important security features.

- reliable assistance for checking of ID documents
- detailed info on security features
- continuosly updated informtion
- includes MRZ checker to verify the machine
  readable zone on ID documents

The system is available as an offline, intranet or internet solution. The offline version is updated via a monthly CD.

With the online version you recieve acess to the following additional modules:

Passport Alert: an overview of the fake ID documents encountered to date.

Learn 2 Verify: a practical online training course that teaches participians to (i) inspect and verify banknotes and ID documents quickly and accurately and (ii) determine whether the bearer of an ID document is also the person to whom it was issued (profiling).

Keesing Reference Systems cares for continuous updating of the database information. We offer from our side an installation on any Foster + Freeman's document examination systems or as a stand alone system.

With more than 20,000 full-colour images of ID documents and security features, this reference database is the most complete database in the world for verifying ID documents.

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Documentchecker Identity
Documentchecker Identity

Documentchecker Identity

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