external passport readers for standalone  or 

interfacing with the VSC Suite Software

E-Reader 1/A

This model allows the read-out of BAC infoirmation from the RFID chip within E-passports that are compliant with ICAO standards.
In usage within the VSC Suite software it allows to read and safe the chip data received after correct decoding of the MRZ by the VSC Suite software. Due to an integrated line scanner with 235 dpi and an 880nm IR illumination, it can also be used independently on a standalone PC or notebook computer to display the chip data.

The system is connected with the computer via a USB port.

E-Reader 2

This reader features apart from all functions of Reader 1 also a  24-Bit colour imaging with 400 dpi resolution.  

Examination possibilities include: 

- illumination in different wavelengths  – VIS, IR, UV, 3M™ Confirm™ Laminate
- OCR data retreival
- full access to OCR Data and images captured via the software
- saving of pictures in BMP or JPEG format
- automatic start-up upon insertion of a document 
- USB 2.0 compatible
- integrated USB 2.0 Hub
- no moving parts

Also this reader can be whether operated via VSC Suite software or standalone.

E-Reader 3

This RFID and CARD Reader is also connected via USB to a PC and can be used as an (external) RFID antenna in conjunction with the VSC Suite software to read-out the chip data. 

Quicktest System VSC QC-1

In addition to the above mentioned readrs which allow standalone or VSC Suite operation, Foster + Freeman's quicktest system VSC QC-1 features a fully functional  RFID-Reader.

More details can be found here


Auto Examine

E-Reader 3

Auto Examine 2