VSC Suite Software

All VSC systems can be controlled via the control and image enhancement and archiving software package VSC Suite. VSC Suite is the same for all VSCs (apart from VSC-QC1) and only varies slightly with the selected hardware features.

This reduces training and accustomisation efforts when different systems are used within the same organisation.

VSC Suite features:

- camera and hardware control  
- recall and readjustment of parameter settings for a particular image
- archiving an dcase work management system
- image annotations with text and graphic
- measurement functions
- image comparison functions (split, overlay etc.)
- user definable macros
- automatic functions (e.g. fluorescence scan, auto examine etc.)
- integrated tutorial
- Scrambled Indicia
- OCR for the machine readable zone of passports/IDs

In combination with the flagship system VSC6000/HS the VSC Suite also features modules for VIS-IR spectroscopy and hyperspectral imaging.


Auto Examine

Auto Examine 2

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