The new VSC®QC-1 is a front line inspection system for the quick examination of passports and other security documents. It is designed to aid government agencies and private businesses in the fight against identity fraud through the use of forged and altered documents including passports, ID cards, visas and other security documents.

By incorporating multi-spectral document examination technology with a simple to use touch screen interface and automatic triggering when a document is placed upon the examination bed, the VSC-QC1 is perfect for front line applications.

Individual examination steps, not part of your pre-configured routine can be controlled manually on the 10" touchscreen display.

Main Product Features are:
    • Fast, accurate and efficient full-page reader
    • 5 MPix colour camera (24Bit/500dpi)
    • Intuitive operation via touch screen
    • Optional passport database integration
    • Automatic document detection
    • High first time read rate, low error rate

Examination Features
    • Auto-scan commences when document is detected
    • White, UV, IR and Transmitted light sources
    • e-chip and MRZ data is displayed in seconds
    • Near instantaneous Pass or Fail notification
    • Capture, store, retrieve and export data

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