The VSC® 8000 is the latest document examination system straight out of Foster + Freeman's R&D department. It is the flagship of the range of document examination systems.
VSC®8000 combines sophisticated digital imaging and multi-wavelength LED technology with a clear and efficient software interface, to provide a complete solution to the examination of all forms of questioned documents. Equipped for examinations from UV via VIS to IR and Hyperspectral Imaging (see video here) the system offer also a real time grating spectrometer for ink differentiation. 

The most important innovations are:

  • NEUW: optical magnification > x175
  • NEW: high resolution 5 MPix digital camera with SRI (Super Resolution Imaging) at 19 MPix
  • NEW: Imaging of full  DIN A4 sized documents
  • NEW: motorized X-Y stage with positioning  precision of 0,01 mm
  • NEW: differentiation between UV fluorescence and  UV phosphorescence
  • NEW: automated calibration and diagnosis reports 

At the heart of the VSC8000 is sophisticated software that maximises the effectiveness of document examinations by providing the user with complete control of all VSC functions via a quick-access toolbar.

Like for it's predecessor  VSC 6000/HS also for the new VSC 8000  we will be offering an LF version for the examination of large exhibits.

VSC 6000

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