The VSC®6000/HS, the latest version of Foster + Freeman's flagship product in document examination, is a comprehensively equipped laboratory system for the examination and analysis of all sorts of questioned documents including passports, ID cards, banknotes and otehr security documents. 

The addition HS within the product name stands for Hyperspectral Imaging (see a video here) which comes as a standard software feature within the VSC Suite software package.

In comparison to the former model, the new VSC®6000/HS offers an increased optical magnification of up x170. On top of all known features of the former version it now also features a 1D and 2D barcode reader and other new functions. 

- NEW: optical magnification up to approx.  x170
- NEW: Hyperspectral Imaging inklusive
- NEW: circular polarised light for bi-refringent pigments
- 1D and 2D barcode reader
- high resolution 5 MPix IR sensitive digital camera
- real time spectrmeter
- LED array system for examination of OVDs (e.g. holograms)
- 750-1100nm broad band anti-stokes excitation


VSC 6000

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