The VSC®40/HD is to top model within the VSC40 range, equipped with a 2 MPIx digital camera. It is mainly used for the examination of security features on passports, ID cards, banknotes and numerous other security documents.  

It features the same size as all other VSC®, 40s, uses though a digital camera rather than an analogue camera as all other VSC40 systems.


The key features of the VSC40/HD are:

  • high resolution digital 2 MPix camera
  • 12 integrated light sources
  • optical magnification up to x28
  • large selection of filters up to 1000nm
  • auto examine function

VSC40 is controlled via the VSC Suite software package, running on a Windows computer system.
In the standard configuration it comes with a notebook computer or a desktop PC with a 24" TFT display.

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