VSC® 400

The VSC 400 is a colour and infrared digital imaging system designed for the verification of passports, visas and ID cards and for the general examination of suspect or questioned documents. PC or laptop operated through Windows Vista, VSC 400 is easy to use through on-screen menus and commands.
Featuring image resolution of 3.2 M pixels and "HFi" image technology, an optical and chromatic aberration throughout the entire magnification range, the VSC 400 offers exceptional image quality.

The system can be operated from a desktop PC or a notebook PC.

Optional Upgrades

The functionallity of the VSC 400 can be enhanced by the following optional features:

- optional embedded informatiodecoder
- optional video microscope
- optional e-passport
- optional passport & banknote databases
- optional uninterruptable power supply (UPS)

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- high resolution 3.2 million Pixel CCD Firewire
  digital colour camera with 360 nm to 1100 nm
  spectral response
- "HFi Imaging Technology" providing exceptional
   image quality
- on-screen magnification of x1.6 to x112
- on-chip integration from 8ms to 22s to enhance
  weakly fluorescent features
- "Quick Check" - an option to applying standard
  examination tasks using pre-set instrument
  parameters to ensure consistent examination
- measurement and graphic functions
- optical character reader and ICAO MRZ
  data recorder

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