PD 2000/FP

The new PD2000/FP is a unique imaging system capable of recording full-page images of passports with exceptionally high quality under a selection of illumination wavebands for on-the-spot examination, database creation, or with a single button press, transfer the images via the internet to an experienced document examiner for scrutiny in a remote location.

The fully integrated system includes a high quality digital camera, a selection of high intensity multi-spectral light sources, and PC with large high resolution monitor .

Once document images have been captured, they can be transmitted to any remote location where an experienced document examiner, with an appropriate system, can select any of the images, zoom in and scroll around the image at any magnification and with no loss of resolution for closer examination. With the appropriate software, the remote examiner can display the questioned document image, side by side, with that of an authentic document retrieved from a database for close comparison. The PD2000/FP enables officers at a border security post to engage the services of an experienced document examiner without the need to transport the document. Remote Document Examination with the PD2000/FP saves time and improves border security.

Key features include:

Digital Imaging

• 36.3MP image capture 
• Full resolution images of 7360 x 4912px 
• FX-format CMOS sensor 
• High performance image processing 
• Field-of-View, 177 x 125mm


• Infrared/visible - incident (flood) IR/visible - transmitted visible light source - IR/visible (left/right) LED side lighting 

• Ultraviolet Light Sources - incident longwave UV (365nm) 

• Specialist Light Sources - co-axial illumination - positionable 41 x LED array - diffused verticle visible (reduces holographic reflection) - diffused horizontal visible (reduces holographic reflection)


• Standard or ‘One Button’ modes of operation 
• Live image view 
• OCR module to read MRZ and verify ICAO codes 
• 1D and 2D barcode analysis 
• Capture, record and send images as JPEG or FFE (a new encrypted format that is unique to Foster + Freeman and improves image security) 
• Auto-save, with case numbers, to local or network locations 
• Integrated document database


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