New Development Method for ESDA2

Many users of the original ESDA1 know and like the development method with the aerosol hood. In a slightly modified version such a hood is now available also for ESDA2.

For ESDA various development methods are in use, furthermore the usage of the cascade developer. But not all types of documents are suitable for this preferred development method, as the document bed has to be lifted up in a certain angle. This is where wether the Toner Application Device (TAD) or with the original ESDA1 the aerosol hood comes into use.

This method used a spurt of toner, accelerated by a pump and electrostaticly charged up by a nozzle when entering the hood. This version of development is now available also for the newer ESDA2, when works through without the aditional charging up of the toner.

Fixed to the hood is a unit that contains a toner reservoir and a fan to generate a homogenious air stream. Each actuation of the attatched lever releases a defined powder cloud into the hood that is distributed evenly via the air stream.


In order to simplify cleaning the toner unit with all the electronics can be detatched from the hood. It is powered from a power socket, available on every ESDA2. Any ESDA2 can be retro-fitted with this new aerosol hood.

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