Foram 532, Foram 685, Foram 785 and Foram 785/HP 

Raman spectra exhibit numerous features specific to molecular structure and are capable pf providing "fingerprints" for comparing and differentiating materials. Applied to the examination of inks, Raman spectroscopy provides an additional technique for detecting altered or counterfeit documents. The name FORAM stands for Forensic Raman Spectroscope, honouring the original design, particularly trimmed for forensic applications.

Foram Spectrometers are available in a choice of 532, 685 and 785 nm wavelengths and are also supplied with reagents to carry out surface enhanced resonant Raman scattering (SERRS).

The design took especially care of an easy to use operation, a minimum requirement for sample preparation and the capability of working with bigger documents. Raman spectroscopy using the FORAM is fast, non-destructive and achieves excellent results with only minimal user training.

A large A4 XYZ translation stage with fine special adjustment fitted to the FORAM allows the operator to align the laser probe on to samples as small as 5 microns. Sample selection is assisted by a video microscope and four objective lenses producing magnification of up to x600 (on a 17" monitor).

The FORAM is operated through a PC system and has a comprehensive software package providing automaitc spectral comparison (based on peak correlation) and data archiving with search and match facilities.

FORAM is also supplied with reagents to carry out surface enhanced resonant Raman scattering (SEERS).


- non-destructive, rapid analysis of samples
- power can be switched in three steps
532, 685 or 785 nm excitation wavelength
- integrated video microscope
- XYZ table for focusing and positioning
- 400 to 2000cm-1 spectral range
- 8cm-1 spectral resolution