ECCO LIBS spectroscopy

ECCO (Elemental Composition Comparator) is a turnkey system from Foster + Freeman designed to generate and compare LIBS spectra.

The easy to use bench top instrument is especially trimmed for the analysis of glass samples but can be used for the elemental analysis of paint or bullets and can therefore be used for analysis and identification on a variety of samples that are of interest within forensics.

- Q-switched YAG laser with 1064nm emission
- wavelength range 225 - 600 nm
- precision XYZ sample positioning/focusing stage
- sample viewing video camera
- full laser safety features

For enhancement of the measurement signal, argon gas can be introduced into the measurement area. LIBS can be used as an alternative to conventional analytical techniques such as mass spectroscopy.

ECCO requires almost no sample preparation and is a turnkey system featuring PC, interface and software.

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