The GRIM 3 workstation uses the widely accepted laboratory technique of glass RI determination, the oil immersion/temperature variation method.
The system uses a modern microprozessor, which enables GRIM 3 to analyse four measurement grids per run, improving casework efficiency as well as representativity by measuring a bigger number of fragments per case.

- multiple RI measurements
- improved temperature stability
- data export and network facilities
- various languages available

In comparison to the former GRIM 2 system, reproducibility and accuracy have been improved by a more powerful control of the temperature drift.
Moreover GRIM 3 also offers a useful tool for adjusting the focus. Also new is the option to save images of the glass fragments and the selected points of measurement alongside with the measurement results and graphs. This assists a later judgement of results.

A full system features besides a powerful state of the art PC and a phase contrast microscope also a hostage, the GRIM 3 main unit and the GRIM 3 Glass Software.

A comprehensive package of static functions includes average, range, spread and standard deviation. Results may be displayed as scatter diagrams and formatted for exportation to Microsoft Office for additional analysis.

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