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ffTATM- spectroscopy

A fibre optic is used with the to link the ffTATM with a highly sensitive spectrometer unit with high dynamic range. This allows the recording of spectra in the range between 240 und 1000nm at a resolution of less than 5µm.

Using suitable lightsources, spectra of microscopic evidence samples can be taken in reflexion, transmission and fluorescence.

The microspectrometer unit is available in three versions:

  • 240 – 1000nm : from UV to IR
  • 240 – 830nm :   from UV to NIR
  • 400 – 1000nm : from VIS to NIR

ffTATM is suitable for the fast and non-destructive analysis of trace evidence as well as for the analysis of organic compounds as paint or fibres.

The fully integrated software schows the microscope view for the accurate positioning of the measurement grid together with the measurement results, all in one window.

Additionally functions as chromaticity charts or a clustered presentation of measurement results are available.
ffTA spectrometer

ffTA Spektroskopie SW