ffTA - ForamX3 

Besides the compact systems Foram 532, Foram 685 and Foram 785, where each system with a given excitation wavelength is especially designed for a particular application, within the ffTATM product range Foster + Freeman now also offers a microscope Raman system.

For the ffTATM-ForamX3 the three wavelengths 532, 638 and 785nm are available for excitation on one instrument. The add-on unit (image right) can be retrofitted also on existing ffTA systems.

High levels of sensitivity can be achieved with the 532nm laser, while the 785nm, infrared laser is better able to suppress fluorescence. A balance between power and sensitivity can be achieved through the use of the 638nm laser.

Both Raman systems are equipped with easy to use software which features recording of spectral data, graphical display of the measurement results and manual or automatic comparison of spectra also via a database and search function.

Within the scope of delivery we offer also all required computer hardware and enhancement chemicals and accesories for SERRS.
Now also availabe are Raman databases for various applications.

Foram X3

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