The ffTATM GRIM system determines the refractive indices of glass using the oil immersion/temperature variation technique.

Usage of a new, highpower processor allows GRIM to simultanously measure up to four glass fragments per measurement cycle. This speeds up the case work substantially rsp. allows to achieve more significance by running more measurements. 

- multiple RI measurements for more efficiency
- improved temperature stability
- data export function
- network capability
- various languages available

GRIM offers a simple tool to improve focussing and provides a highly accurate temperature control with very little drift for optimal reproducibility.

All images of the glass fragments can be saved along with the particular measurements and graphs for later appraisal.

Besides a high-spec computer system, GRIM comes with a phase contrast microscope, hotstage, GRIM main processor unit and the GRIM software package. 

A sophisticated package of statistics functions, correlation graphics and export function to MS Office Software build up to a versatile forensic tool for glass analysis.