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Attestor Facebook Account

We are pleased to announce that Attestor Forensics is on facebook now. Since a couple of month we run our own facebookm company page.

Access to current publications and announcements on facebook
If you would like to tell us and the world "I like" you can do so via the new presence.  Also you will have access to new and additional publications such as the product video of PHOTOvent LH151 much faster than via our web site. We want to use our facebook account also to inform you about this and that within and around our organisation. Of course you have access to this information without an own facebook account. .

Open dialog on facebook
Besides a currently happening overhaul of our website we consider our newly opened facebook account as a new and communication channel. „Fans“ of Attestor will not only have a chance to get to know us in one direction but also start up an open dialog with us via feedback and discussions. We think we have found with our new facebook account an ideal platform to stay in contact with our customers and prospects.  

Meet us on facebook: Attestor Forensics Facebook

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