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In July 2018, Attestor Forensics US Inc., our subsidiary in the USA has moved into to new premises. The new offices are located in Quakertown's iconic Free Press Building. With its towering white columns, the facade of the building hasn't changed much since the columns were erected in 1922.

Inside, however, it's a  much different story.  The space where for decades pressmen cranked out copies of the daily newspaper and reporters wrote their stories has been transformed into sleek office space.  

Attestor Forensics US Inc. resides in the first floor where we have enough space for meetings and permanent demo equipment and room to expand. Alex Gieser,  the preseident of our US subsidiary is looking forward to meeting you and assist you with your demands and questions for modern forensic equipment.

Attestor Forensics U.S. Inc.

314 W, Broad Street
Suite 103
Quakertown , Pennsylvania 18951

 +1 215-804-4092

  +1 215-804-4092


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